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Provably Fair Crypto Games

What are Provably Fair Games, and how do they work?

Provably Fair Games have become much more popular, and have risen to stardom at the same time as online crypto casinos. These games allow you to verify the fairness of your bets which you can place – and win – in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and altcoins. No online casino can cheat you out of your winnings, because the game’s outcome can be proven, is verifiable, and also transparent.

In fact, provably fair technology is a recent trend in gaming and has been applied to a number of casino games, and players have been flocking to it as crypto casinos became more and more sought after.

Metaspins is a provably fair casino, bringing you top games whose outcomes can be verified. Have a look at our Provably Fair Slots, Provably Fair Instant Win games, and our Provably Fair Table Games. These games come from renowned provably fair providers such as Spribe, Bgaming and Softswiss and immediately proven very popular.


Read this article about Provably Fair Games and find out more about:

  • The different types of Provably Fair Crypto Games
  • Choosing your favourite Provably Fair online game
  • Why Provably Fair Games are becoming more and popular
  • How to check results that are provably fair – for crypto casino beginners, too!

Let’s read on to find out more.

What are Provably Fair Games?

Provably fair casino games use an algorithm thanks to which randomisation makes another leap forward to reach a higher capability to verify game transparency and openness. This algorithm takes all the best advantages of blockchain to “randomise” even further the process of randomisation, which in casinos is seen during standard gameplay actions such as spinning reels or shuffling a pack of cards.

Unlike the more traditional black box algos used in the industry, Provably Fair Games allow players to verify the randomisation process of a particular game. This Provably Fair algorithm generates an encrypted key with the final results of the provably fair game, and sends it to the player together with another key. This allows the player to check the fairness of the game when the gaming session is over.

The rise in online crypto gaming has been accompanied by more widespread interest in Provably Fair online slots, with thousands of players across the world becoming more and more familiar with the idea behind the games.

What Is a Provably Fair Casino?

A Provably Fair Casino is an online casino which offers games that can be verified. Although these games have become a successful trend in online gaming, they are mostly found in bitcoin and crypto casinos, like Metaspins.

Provably fair requires additional technology with an algorithm built to check and verify how fair an online casino is towards its players, and makes sure that the online gambling site won’t cheat them of their funds.

Provably fair involves three main features:

  • The server seed is a variable provided by the casino site.

  • The client seed is a variable (which can be adjusted) and is provided by the player’s browser.

  • The Cryptographic nonce is a number which increases in parallel to player’s bets.

Many may find this process to be a bit complex, especially crypto casino beginners.

The casino produces a seed number. This will be hashed and sent to the player before they place their bet. Hash functions convert the long data string into a shorter one; operators cannot easily change it, and neither can the player as the seed is encrypted.

On the other hand, the player’s browser will generate a random seed. Once both seeds are available, they will create the bet’s result by interacting between them.

The nonce will start at 0 or 1, depending on the casino, and will increase every time a bet is placed. The algorithm uses both seeds and nonce to select a random function to be carried out in the game.

Once the game is over, the player will get a decrypted version of the client seed to verify the game’s fairness. Players can use a verifier or in some cases, the games can be verified from the same interface. When using a verifier, the unhashed seeds are inputted to see if it produces the same value as produced in the game.

This way, crypto casino sites allow you to verify their honesty. This approach will remove questions about possible fraud. There have been rumors among the players for a long time that in some separate draws the casino can cheat. Well, now you have the opportunity to check each draw and make sure that the result of the bets was really random, removing doubts about potential cheating, which sometimes crop up with traditional casinos.

How do I determine if a game is provably fair?

Let’s look at two renowned provably fair game providers, and how to verify the integrity of your bets on their games. BGaming and Spribe games are available at Metaspins, and you can check the fairness of your bets via their game interface.

BGaming can claim to be the first major iGaming provider to use provably fair technology. Their algorithm ensures the result of a game round is not affected by a player’s bet, and therefore the player cannot discover the outcome before the game is actually played.

Find out how you can verify BGaming’s games:

  • The game outcome (“Result”) is calculated before the game starts

  • A random string (“Secret”) is generated for each round

  • The data is hashed using the SHA-256 algorithm

  • The Hash (Result + Secret) is passed on to the player

  • Enter the client seed by clicking the tick box icon on the game screen (see screenshot below)

  • During the game, the Client seed is applied to the Result

  • Once the round is completed, the Result + Secret and Final Result are passed on to the player.

Provably Fair Crypto Games Screenshot 1

At Metaspins we offer some of the most popular provably fair BGaming titles such as Avalon: Lost Kingdom, Aztec Magic Deluxe and Lucky Lady Clover.

How to verify Spribe games:

  • The Result of each round is generated by round players, and is fully transparent.
  • The operator generates the serve seed (16 random symbols). This is publicly available before the round starts.
  • The client seed is generated for each player, and when the round starts, the server seed is combined with client seeds to generate a hashed SHA512 seed.
  • The round results are generated from the SHA512 hash. Each game has different mechanics to generate the result and match the game requirements.
  • Click the green icon on the game history screen to check the fairness of each round
  • The hash can also be verified by using an online calculator.

Provably Fair Crypto Games Screenshot 2

Provably Fair Games you need to try

At Metaspins you can find some truly outstanding provably fair games which allow you to verify their fairness.

Play Aviator, possibly the most popular provably fair game at Metaspins. In this game, you have to jump off the plane and get the highest multiplier possible before it flies away. This game has a high RTP and comes with features such as the double bet, or live statistics which will help you come up with a successful Aviator Online Game strategy.

Aviator is produced by Spribe, the provider behind another top game: Hilo. This is a game with short rounds where you have to guess if the card is higher or lower than the one on the deck. You can place up to 3 cards instead of one. If you guess, you can continue playing and increase your winnings, or cash out after each guess and secure them.

Another very popular provably fair game is Dice. In this fast-wagering game, you have to predict whether the result of each throw of the dice will be higher or lower than the selected number.

You can customize your payouts by adjusting the win chances (up to 99.999), as well as other settings including autoplay.

Provably Fair Casino vs Traditional Casino

Online casino players often depend on the integrity of the casino operators, but they have no guarantee they are not being cheated. In the age of crypto gaming, therefore, Provably Fair methods and technologies are becoming more popular. Players’ trust in the casinos is one reason why this algorithm was created in the first place, but it is also as good as a licence or certificate for many online cryptocurrency casinos.

Traditional online casinos use Random Number Generators (RNGs) and have done so for many years, but the provably fair algorithm offers a guarantee that games are being conducted fairly.

This table summarises the main differences between traditional and provably fair casinos:

Provably Fair CasinosTraditional online casinos
Use provably fair algorithmUse random number generators
Players can verify fairness of bets directlyPlayers have to trust the casino and third party companies
Players cannot verify fairness of bets

Advantages of Provably Fair Gambling

Fully Transparent

Players can verify the outcomes of any provably fair game they play. The outcomes are hidden from gamers and casino so that they cannot be manipulated.

For example, if you’re playing dice you land a completely random number, with an equal probability of getting a 1, 2, 3 etc. While the probability to land a number is of 1:6 for each, neither you nor the casino know what the outcome of the next throw will be.

This is because, unless the dice themselves are crooked, there is no way the outcome of the dice roll can be tampered with.

No Third-Party Auditing

Traditional casinos are audited by test labs and other agencies, and evaluated for fairness and transparency. This may have a cost which traditional fiat casino players bear, for example, through higher withdrawal fees.

On the other hand, third-party authentication is not required for Provably Fair Games, because there’s no need for an auditor. Even if the casino is not verified frequently, players can still evaluate the degree of fairness by verifying the results.

Reduced House Edge

The house edge is the casino’s margin over the player. The higher the edge, the less chances the player has of winning. Normally, online slots come with a 5% margin; however, provably fair crypto casino games often have a house edge between 1 and 2% - which directly increases your chances of winning.

More Randomisation

The results of bets made in a traditional casino are determined using random programmes. Crypto casino games, meanwhile, use the verifiable, provably fair algorithm to create results. These are favoured over random results because there’s no possibility of them being manipulated.

Improved Game Quality and Features

One of the main challenges faced by provably fair gamers was the poor quality of the available games. This, however, is a thing of the past: the quality has improved considerably, with pleasant graphics and gameplay which make for special gaming experiences.

Better Return to Player Percentage (RTP)

This determines how likely it is for a player to win: for example, a game with a 96% RTP gives players a higher chance of winning than a game with a 94% RTP.

Most provably fair games come with an RTP of up to 99% - substantially higher than that of the classic online slots.

Provably Fair Algorithm vs Random Number Generator

Crypto casinos employ the Provably Fair algorithm to determine the bet outcomes, while traditional online casinos use the RNG (random number generators). How do they compare?

There are quite a few online casino players who prefer to play provably fair games, besides the possibility to use crypto.

Players can verify results

A provably fair algorithm is designed to verify the results of a roll of dice, or a spin of the provably fair roulette wheel.

For example, a Provably Fair Blackjack game creates and encrypted hash with the results of each hand. Once the session is over, a decrypted version becomes available, allowing you to check the results manually or by using software which compares the results in the algorithm to the outcome of your hand.

The same happens with video slots, provably fair table games, and any other cryptocurrency casino games you play.

Public Verification of Game Fairness

Every online crypto casino game has a unique ID, allowing you to run software to collect its results from blockchain ecosystems for a set period or for its entire lifetime. Alternatively, some games allow the verification of data from the game interface itself.

Anyone who knows how to do it can find data on public ledgers and verify if games are as fair as they advertise. The possibility of payout percentage reports being created for games are a notable deterrent for casinos.

No crypto casino wants to be caught cheating, because integrity is key.

RNG Games

Random number generators in a game of chance are much simpler than provably fair casino game algorithms, but then you have to rely on proper third-party testing to verify the fairness of the games.

Private results and constant shuffling

The only other actual difference between RNGs and Provably Fair casino games is the way they produce their results. Some online casino players prefer the ‘constant shuffle’ algorithm RNGs use.

The main difference between the two types of algorithm is how they create the outcomes.

RNGs use a “constant shuffle” algorithm in which millions of sequences run while you are playing. The sequence stops when you make an action.

In a game of blackjack, for example, this would be doubling down or hitting, or splitting. This makes the shuffle stop and the result is shown.

Similarly, you need to wait until the reels on an online slot stop. The RNG has already decided what the result will be before the reel spins again; the spin on an online slot is an animation to make the game entertaining.

RNGs require top IT systems to be protected from hackers. In fact, if a hacker had to find their way in, they’d be winning huge sums by being able to predict the result produced by the RNG.

Play Provably Fair Games in Crypto

You need crypto to play provably fair games, and these are some of the cryptocurrencies you can use:

Bitcoin (BTC)

This is the most popular currency with which to play provably fair games. All the biggest crypto casinos support bitcoin gambling, and it’s easy to access. Similarly, you can play Provably Fair Games faster and more easily.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is also a very popular crypto currency, and most of the leading crypto casinos support ETH and including provably fair games in ETH. Just like Bitcoin, Ethereum is one of the many supported cryptocurrencies at Metaspins.

Other Currencies

Besides these two currencies, Metaspins supports USDT, USDC, DOGE, Litecoin, BCH and many other currencies. Sign up and make a deposit in seconds – and you can also buy crypto directly from the casino!

Don’t forget you can Level Up at our casino for up to 50% Rakeback and plenty of crypto prizes.


Provably Fair Games Safety

Legality depends on your age and location. If you’re in a country that hasn’t blacklisted online gambling and also allows cryptocurrency, you’ll be OK so long as you’re also old enough. If you’re not, do a bit more hunting and ask customer service at these casinos whether you can play.

When it comes to safety, provably fair crypto games are unbeatable. For starters you know you won’t be cheated by the casino, as all odds and transactions are decided by the blockchain. Neither can casinos make a run for it with your crypto, so you can count on full peace of mind.


Is Metaspins a provably fair casino?

Yes, Metaspins offers a wide selection of provably fair games including Aviator, Hilo, Plinko and many others. Metaspins offers its players a 100% crypto experience, and therefore, all the safety that comes with it.

What are provably fair games?

These are games that allow players to check the fairness of their bets. Unlike RNG casino games, blockchain ledgers make it possible for people to analyse the outcomes of the players’ provably fair bets on such games.

How do you win provably fair games?

Most provably fair games require a strategy. For example, you can work on a strategy to win higher multipliers on Aviator.

Can I play provably fair games with Bitcoin?

Yes you can, as well as with other major cryptocurrencies that are supported here at Metaspins.

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