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Are you someone who is interested in iGaming and cryptocurrency? If so, you’ll be happy to know that the two futuristic concepts of the internet have entered a winning partnership.

That’s right, you can now play blackjack online using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It’s never been easier to top up your casino account with crypto and then start playing your favourite table games within minutes.

Check out this handy guide for everything you need to know about crypto blackjack. Then, you can see what all the fuss is about and start playing online today.


What is Blackjack?

Before we get started, it’s probably wise to give a brief overview of what blackjack is. Blackjack is a classic card game that uses the standard 52-card deck. The aim of the game is to beat the dealer with a hand as close to 21 in value as possible. If you go over 21, you are bust.

In a standard round, you’ll receive two cards, and the dealer will show one of theirs. From that point, you need to calculate whether you think your hand is strong enough to beat the dealer’s potential hand. If you believe it is, you can stand on what you have and hope that the dealer doesn’t beat you. Alternatively, you can hit for another card to try to improve your hand.

What is Bitcoin Blackjack?

Blackjack evolved and was made into a digital game for online audiences. It has now progressed even more and can be played with crypto currencies. Bitcoin blackjack is when you play blackjack online but top up your account and bet with Bitcoin. Remember, you can’t just join any blackjack casino and start playing with Bitcoin. Sign up to Metaspins, an online crypto casino offering blackjack games and many more!

Play and Win at Blackjack Casino

If you want to start playing online casino blackjack using bitcoin and other crypto, you can start by following these simple steps:

  • Sign up to Metaspins
  • Connect your crypto wallet and top up your account
  • Go to the blackjack tab and choose the game you would like to play
  • Select the bet size you want to place and start playing

Before you start playing blackjack, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the general rules and payouts. Please bear in mind that there are numerous variations of the game, and they can have slight deviations in rules and gameplay. Therefore, it’s important to check the information about the games on the site you are using.

You can also find a lot of helpful information online about how to act in different situations when playing blackjack. Aside from placing your initial bet, you will have numerous decisions to make during a round after you have received your first two cards.

For example, you can choose to split the cards sometimes, double down, or surrender. You will also have to decide whether you want to hit for another card or stand. The choices you make will depend on what the dealer’s upcard is.

There are some common blackjack strategies that you should keep in mind no matter what variant you are playing. For instance, all blackjack players agree that you should always split pairs of eights and aces, always double down on a hard 11, and never split pairs of fives or tens.

We should point out that no matter how good your blackjack strategy is, there’s no sure-fire way to win at the game. You can improve your chances of winning by sticking to optimal tactics, but it is mainly a game of chance with a low level of skill involved. That’s why you need to set some ground rules before you begin. For example, you could set a target amount to win or lose before you walk away and take a break.

Top 5 Crypto Blackjack Games

In this section, we’ll dive into what we believe are the best five blackjack games on the market for crypto players. Check out our handy guide to each of the offerings, and then decide which one you want to play first. In each game, the general rules are the same, but there are a few minor deviations that you need to know about.

GameRatingFree PlayReal MoneyMobile
Blackjack Neo5/5YesYesYes
Blackjack 21+34.5/5YesYesYes
European Blackjack Multihand4.5/5YesYesYes
Blackjack Multihand4.5/5YesYesYes
Back Blackjack4/5YesYesYes

Blackjack Neo

Blackjack Neo has the highest rating in our table thanks to the awesome return to player percentage on offer. The RTP is one of the best in the industry with just a minimal house edge. This is a standard blackjack game with a few additional features. You have the chance to play more than one hand at the same time, and there’s also a best hand feature. Dealers won’t hit on a soft 17 in this variant.

Blackjack 21+3

Blackjack 21+3 is a variant of the game that’s blown up online, thanks to the side bet that it offers. It works like a standard game of blackjack, and you can play it like that if you want to. However, there is another bet that you can make that increases the amount you’re eligible to win on each hand.

The side bet in blackjack 21+3 is when you stake on the combined hand made of your two cards and the dealer’s upcard. For example, they could make up a flush, a straight, three of a kind, or a straight flush. If you wager on the side bet and it comes to fruition, you’ll be paid out based on the value of the hand that the three cards make. The straight flush would offer the highest returns.

European Blackjack Multihand

The key difference in European blackjack from standard forms of the game is that the dealer only receives one card at the start. This is shown face up, so you can still use the same probability charts when deciding how to act.

It does affect the house edge slightly, though, as this version of the game means there is no peeking for blackjack. In other formats, the dealer will check to see if they have blackjack. If they do, they win, and no further bets are placed. Players may save chips in this scenario, as they don’t have the opportunity to double down or split.

There’s also the Multihand element of the game, where you’ll have the chance to bet on up to five hands in a single round. This can help to up the intensity levels, but it may also require more concentration as you try to juggle the different cards. We’d recommend starting out on basic blackjack before levelling up to Multihand.

Blackjack Multihand

Blackjack Multihand is another option that gives you the chance to play up to five hands in the same round. This version follows the more common American rules, where the dealer will receive both cards at the same time as the players. Therefore, if the upcard is a ten or an ace, they will peak at the hole card to see if they have blackjack.

Experts have stated that playing Multihand blackjack is a great way of increasing your bet spread when the count is in your favour. There’s also less risk and variance involved, as you can divide the value of your wagers between a variety of hands. People who use an optimal blackjack strategy will usually go for this strain of the game as it can allow them to achieve a higher average hourly win rate.

Back Blackjack

Back Blackjack is a traditional blackjack option that comes with an enforced side bet. At the start of each round, you place a wager on the standard blackjack hand, but also on the back bet. The side bet means that if you or the dealer get blackjack, you win much higher returns. Indeed, it can pay out up to 264/1 in some circumstances. However, this game has a lower RTP than others. That’s why it’s the lowest-rated option out of the games mentioned here.

Blackjack at Metaspins

You may be wondering why you should play online blackjack for real money right now, so how about we run through some of the best reasons to? We aim to give you the best online blackjack experience, with easy crypto top-ups.

About Our Bitcoin Blackjack

As you may have realized, we’re an online blackjack casino that accepts bitcoin. You simply connect your bitcoin wallet to our site and top up your funds using one of our accepted tokens.

The blackjack games you’ll find at our site are all the same as others at standard fiat currency casinos. The only key difference is that the bet sizes are shown in Bitcoin and your winnings will be paid in the cryptocurrency.

Why Play Crypto Blackjack at our Casino?

If you like varied blackjack games with different key features, you’ll find a lot of games to suit your fancy here at Metaspins. You should play with us because we feel the same way about crypto as you do. It’s the future of the world economy, and the sooner people jump on board with that, the better. Besides Blackjack, you can also find roulette and online baccarat in full crypto.


Benefits of Crypto Blackjack

There are numerous benefits to playing crypto blackjack. For example, the transfers are quick and anonymous. Thanks to the blockchain, all payments can easily be traced and verified. In addition, if you’re playing from overseas, you don’t have to deal with fluctuating exchange rates between different currencies. When you win, you can transfer your profits back to your crypto wallet without any hassle.

Best Coins for Crypto Blackjack

At Metaspins we accept a wide variety of coins. Bitcoin is the most common option, but we have noticed Ethereum and Litecoin increasing its popularity amongst crypto casino players. To play with any other token, simply deposit to your casino account through your wallet of choice and start playing!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you play blackjack with crypto?

Yes, simply join a crypto casino and top up your account using one of the tokens that the site accepts. Then, you can navigate to the blackjack page and choose the game you would like to play.

  • What is Bitcoin blackjack?

Bitcoin blackjack does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s the classic game of blackjack, played with crypto. Obviously, you’ll need to join a casino that accepts Bitcoin to be able to play blackjack with the classic cryptocurrency.

  • Are blackjack and 21 the same thing?

Blackjack and 21 are two names for the same game. Sometimes people will refer to it as blackjack, while others will call it 21. No matter what you decide to call the game, the rules and payouts are the same – depending on the variant you are playing, of course.

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