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Andar Bahar is an Indian gambling card game often referred to as Katti. It is a game of chance whose gameplay is easy to understand. The name ‘Andar’ means inside and ‘Bahar’ outside, giving you an idea of how to play the game. Basically, the croupier will deal one card face up, and this becomes the joker. You will then be required to bet which playing position will be the first to match a card with the joker. The round ends once a match occurs and a new hand begins.

Andar Bahar live is an easy-to-play game, unlike classic table games such as baccarat or roulette, which require some skill. With a wide betting range of $0.10 up to $2500, it is suitable for both novice and expert card players. This Pragmatic Play creation is played using a standard deck of 52 cards, and in this Andar Bahar review, we will explain how to play this interesting game. If you would like to access and play the game immediately, you can do so by logging into your online account. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about the payouts for Andar and Bahar positions, as well as other side bets.

How to Play Andar Bahar Live

In the section below, we’ve broken down the steps of how to play Andar Bahar live for real money at Metaspins Casino.

Andar Bahar Pragmatic Play

Step 1:

After launching the game, you first need to set your bet amount. This card game is playable from $0.10 up to $2500. The dealer will then shuffle the cards and deal one card face up on the table. This card is called the joker.

Step 2:

There are two playing positions; Andar and Bahar. Before the game begins, you are required to choose the position you feel will match the joker and bet on it. These two positions have varying payouts; Andar pays 1:1, while Bahar pays 0.9:1.

Step 3:

Once the betting window is closed, the croupier will deal one card to the Bahar position and another to the Andar position. The dealer will keep dealing cards on each side until a matching card is dealt.

Step 4:

The hand that lands the matching card wins, and this game round is complete. If side bets are placed, they are calculated once the joker card is matched.


Andar Bahar Side Bets

Andar Bahar by Pragmatic Play offers several side bets options that you can explore which offer higher payouts going up to 120:1. Side bets for this casino game can be split into two categories.

The first category of side bets is based on a 3-card combination, the Joker card and the first 2 cards dealt (one to Andar and one to Bahar), commonly referred to as “First 3”. The combinations are similar to the terms used in Poker and include:

  • Straight Flush: three cards in sequence and the same suit
  • Straight: three cards in sequence but of a different suit
  • Flush: three cards of different rank but of the same suit

The payout is determined by multiplying the odds with the amount of your bet. The pay table for a single deck is displayed below:

Straight Flush120:1

The second category of side bets is based on the number of cards that will be dealt on the table before getting a matching card.

Number of cards to be dealtPayout

Live Andar Bahar Winning Strategies

While Andar Bahar is a simple game with few steps, your chance of winning/losing is 50/50. As such, it is important to have some strategies in place to help increase your chances of winning.

For side bets, wager on mid-ranges

In a 52-card deck, there are three possible match cards. Keeping this in mind, you know that the probability of hitting a matching card increases as more cards are dealt. Hence, the more cards dealt, the more likely the next card will be a match. Therefore, if you are considering side bets, the mid-ranges are the best.

Have a clear budget

As a game of chance, winning is never guaranteed. Hence, it is important to have a fixed budget for each session. Only wager amounts you are comfortable losing. In case of a losing streak, take some time to cool off rather than chase your losses.

Take advantage of the bonuses

When you sign up at Metaspins casino, you can claim a 100% welcome bonus of up to 1BTC. With the additional funds, you get to place more wagers, increasing your chances of winning.

Play Andar Bahar Live with Real Money

Play Andar Bahar Game

Andar Bahar Live is only available to play for real money and does not have a demo version. Although there is no free play version, the Andar Bahar game is pretty straightforward, and you can start playing at the minimum bet before increasing your bet size.

While playing for free is fun, playing for real money gives you a chance to get paid while having fun. At Metaspins, you can play Andar Bahar using Cryptocurrency. With crypto, you are guaranteed absolute safety, and this live casino does not charge you any withdrawal fees. Additionally, there are close to ten supported cryptocurrencies. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and Dogecoin.

Furthermore, every real-money bet you place playing Andar Bahar adds up to your Level Up promotional points. The more points you accumulate, the better the rewards, and you can claim up to 50% Rakeback. Below are the steps to get you started at Metaspins casino.

Step 1:

Sign up/log in to your Metaspins casino account

Step 2:

Go to the cashier section and select your preferred payment method. If you don’t have funds in your crypto wallet, Metaspins gives you the option to buy directly from the site using fiat currency. Your deposit will reflect in your account instantly.

Step 3:

Launch the Andar Bahar game and select your bet size. You can wager from as low as $0.50 up to $500 per wager. You can also place side bets besides the Andar and Bahar bets.

Step 4:

The winnings obtained from each round are added to your account instantly, and you can cash out at any time.

Andar Bahar Variations

Andar Bahar Game Review

Apart from the Andar Bahar online game by Pragmatic, several variations are available at Metaspins. These include:

Andar Bahar by Swintt

Unlike the Pragmatic Play variant, which is run by a live dealer, Andar Bahar by Swintt is a card game where you play against a computer. Nonetheless, the game rules are similar. A card will be placed in the middle of the table, and you must predict which side of the board will receive the card that matches the middle card.

Andar Bahar by Ezugi

This variation is also a live card game where a croupier deals the cards. The game is playable from $1 up to $500 per wager, offering a lower betting limit when compared to Pragmatic Play’s Andar Bahar. While both versions offer side bets, Pragmatic Play also offers a Straight Flush side bet that pays out 120:1, which is not available in Ezugi's variation.

Other Popular Games

If you like to play Andar Bahar game, there are several other games that offer the same thrill. These include:


This game is similar to Andar Bahar in that it relies on the results from a card draw. Baccarat games are also based on chance, where you are prompted to wager on the Banker or Player hand. The aim of the game is to predict the hand that will have the highest score.

Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is another popular card game. The key similarity to Andar Bahar is that players bet on two sides for one to have the highest card. Both games are easy to understand and are equally fast-paced.


Andar Bahar Card Game- FAQs

What is the Joker card, and how does it affect the game?

The joker is the card that needs to be matched for a player to win the game. Once a card that matches the joker is dealt, that particular round ends.

What are the different betting options in Live Andar Bahar, and how do they work?

Andar and Bahar are the main betting options. An Andar bet means you predict that the matching card will be on the inside of the betting table, while a Bahar means that the card will be on the outside. Andar pays 1:1 while Bahar pays 0.9:1. The other side bets are based on the number of cards that will be dealt before a matching card is dealt.

Are there any strategies or tips I can use to improve my Andar Bahar game?

Check out our strategies section, where we have discussed some tips to help increase your chances of winning while playing Andar Bahar. Some recommended betting strategies include having a clear budget and trying your luck with the side bets.

Are there any variations of Andar Bahar that I should be aware of?

Yes. As a popular Indian card game, many operators have developed several variations. At Metaspins, you will find various Andar Bahar variations developed by Ezugi and Swintt.

What are some common mistakes that Andar Bahar players make, and how can I avoid them?

One of the common mistakes among Andar Bahar players is the failure to have a budget. As a luck-based game, the chances of winning to losing are 50/50. Therefore, it is important to have a clear budget of how much you can afford to wager. Other mistakes that can cost your bankroll include chasing your losses and being over-ambitious with your bet size.

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